Mothposs Studio

 Every mural Mothposs creates are whimsical and expressive, using large-scale art to transform your walls into larger-than-life works of art which bring your vision into colorful reality.

 Imagine what blank canvases can become dynamic visual stories or powerful community statements using your ideas, flowing from your unique story, brand or style: offices, residential buildings, public spaces, libraries,  schools, playrooms, garages, trailers, barns, restaurants, hotels…any space-inside or out, can become a colorful representation of your identity.

Every project begins with listening to your thoughts and ideas which our artists then translate into powerful, eye-catching masterpieces which can be socially engaging, creating conversations and connecting your vision –expressed through artwork- with the life of your community, business or organization.

Mothposs is a custom mural and illustration company, owned by artists Dani and Hannah. They became friends in high school art class in central Ohio and have been creating art together for over 15 years. They specialize in creating works focusing on plants, animals, and people; using bright, colorful, imaginative character work. Their child-like imagination is inspired by cartoons, street art, comics, dreams, world cultures, religions, and folklore. They love using art to tell a story and share a vision.

Hannah Buskirk

A self-taught artist who has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She has spent thousands of hours perfecting her craft, developing an illustrative style which uses bold lines and contrasting colors. The beauty of nature is her biggest inspiration which feeds her passion to create beautiful works of art with high visual impact, that speaks to your emotions. 

Dani McKenzie

Dani spent her whole childhood with ink stained fingers and paint splattered clothes. Her love of drawing led her to study fine arts and graphic design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh as well as Columbus College of Art and Design. She is inspired by outsider art, tattoo designs, art nouveau, folk art and surrealism.